CycleOps Fluid2 Bike Trainer

Powering Through The Winter

It’s time for a quick and long overdue update.

The weather has been pretty wild the past several weeks so I have only gotten in one ride in recent memory. It’s dark when I leave work, so it’s pretty difficult to even find the time to get out and get a ride in. So this week I broke down and purchased a bike trainer.

CycleOps Fluid2 Bike Trainer

I purchased the CycleOps Fluid2, a fluid trainer that is fairly expensive compared to many other fan and magnet trainers. I wanted the trainer to be pretty quiet as I will be training in my basement garage which is directly below the living room and kitchen in my home. I didn’t want the sound to penetrate the floor, or through the walls into the neighbor townhouses either.

I should get some pretty healthy use out of this with both the Ironman 70.3, as well as Seattle to Portland both coming up in 2015.

Once I have the thing set up and have put some hours in on it I will follow up with a little review.

Seattle to Portland in One Day?

For the second time the idea has been thrown around to do STP in one day. Not by me, but by several others in a work group that I plan to ride the event with next year.

To ride that distance in 12 hours you need to average 17.5 mph over the entire course with only one 30 minute break.

I personally can’t decide if that’s something I am really interested in doing or if I should just address it as yet another challenge to add and knock off my list.

In any event, this is something I can certainly use the bike trainer for as well during the winter months.

Cleaning Up the Diet

Since Thanksgiving the diet has gone pretty much out the window. We tried to cleanup the vast amount of leftovers and haven’t really done very well at preparing much of anything as of late. This was compounded by a wedding this past weekend.

So with the addition of the bike trainer it’s also time to get back to logging everything and spending some time prepping and cooking.

Connect With Me

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My girlfriend and I in front of Schonbrunn Palace

Back From Vacation

I have been pretty silent over the past several weeks and that was because my training took a hiatus while I prepared for and traveled to several countries in Europe.  Specifically England, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

It was a really great trip with tons of history, memories and food.  Although we really didn’t try to specifically stay on a diet, my girlfriend and I actually managed to keep the same weight throughout our vacation or perhaps even lose just a little bit.  Most of the trip we were exploring the cities we visited and we often didn’t stop for lunch.  So breakfast and dinner were our only meals.  Add to that the fact that we were walking nearly eight miles a day I think we ultimately ended up breaking pretty even.

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Ironman 70.3 – Victoria, BC

I am now officially registered for the Victoria Ironman 70.3, or what most people refer to it as, a half Ironman.

Ever since my friend Dan completed the Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3 the idea to complete one of these myself has been stuck in my head.  I had already been toying with the idea of a triathlon, but never really knew if I wanted to bite off something quite this large.  Dan completing the Lake Stevens half Ironman was what I needed to persuade me and as of this week I am not registered for the Victoria, BC Ironman 70.3

The event takes place in June of next year, giving me ample time this Winter to spend plenty of time swimming laps.

Wish me luck!


Week Seven Recap

A little late in posting this, but after crossing a pretty big milestone in week six, week seven should have been back back to the grind as I push towards my overall goal of getting to one hundred and ninety pounds.  However the week started off with my body feeling sluggish and tired.  My girlfriend and I spent the majority of last Saturday on a boat and both of us got pretty burned.  Apparently we aren’t skilled in the art of applying sunscreen.  The burns zapped our energy for the next couple of days as our bodies attempted to repair the damage.  Monday’s cycling commutes were extremely tough.  I didn’t feel like i had any power in my legs at all.  Compare that with Tuesday and it was night and day.   I felt highly energetic on Tuesday and made pretty good time on the way into the office.  In fact I think it was my fourth fastest ride for the three to four mile distance.  I was able to cover some other milestones like hitting 250 kilometers cycling for the month as well as hitting a goal for a particular uphill segment of my commute home that I had set for myself.

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250 Kilometers and 4 Miles

It would seem that maybe I am losing my mind.  Got home after riding to and from work and still felt like I had some energy.  So I busted out a 4 mile run.  Felt really good, although it won’t become a regular occurrence.  At least for now.

Moved to WordPress

In case you hadn’t already noticed, the site looks a little bit different and this is because I have moved my publishing platform over to WordPress which provides a lot more flexibility.  Nothing really should change in terms of my primary URL.  URL’s to individual stories likely changed, however there is a pretty solid search now available.

The RSS feed will remain the same and posts from here will even get cross posted to Tumblr as well.  So if you found me there, you can continue to follow me over there.  Besides the look and individual post URL’s nothing else should change.  Cheers!


The Fitness Bucket List

It’s inevitable.  Once you see how far you can be pushed you have to push a little farther.  I started out like most beginners. After losing some weight I just wanting to complete just a 5k.  Then I moved onto a 10k and then a half-marathon.  After that I switched some attention to cycling and I did back to back day century rides.

Up until now I didn’t really have a solid vision of what I wanted to accomplish next, so I made a list. What came out was my fitness bucket list.  So these have become my goals, and given me a little bit of focus of what to train for next.  The may change over time and as my fitness level increases, but for now this is it.

So here is my bucket list as it stands today, as well as some things I have already checked off my list.

Bucket List

  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Ironman 70.3 (Half Ironman)
  • RAGBRAI - Bike ride across the state of Iowa (418 miles)
  • Full Marathon
  • Get back to 190 lbs


Do you have a fitness bucket list?


Week Six Recap

Above you get to see my shining face!  Well perhaps not shining.  I was a little bit tired when I took this picture this morning.  This was me post ride around the Mercer Island loop on Saturday morning sporting my Iowa Hawkeyes gear.  Go Hawks!

Onto the point of this post which is the week six recap.  Week six was a pretty standard week.  I got my rides in, ate pretty well and most importantly continued the loss!  This week again I got in eight rides Monday – Thursday both to and from work, and on Saturday I did the Mercer Island loop yet again to round of the week.  The loop added an additional sixteen and a half miles to get me a total of around 46 miles rode for the week.  Not too shabby.  This morning on the Mercer Island loop I did feel like I pulled or strained a muscle between my hangstring and butt areas, but as the day has progressed I have noticed it less and less so I don’t expect that to be an issue.  All the more reason to take Sunday off.  I will add in some Ibuprofen and hope it works it’s way out by Monday.

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Week Five Recap – Pushing Towards The 100’s

Five weeks in. Five weeks and the scale has gone down significantly. I continue to shed almost two pounds a week on average and it’s getting really easy to stick to. It’s automatic. It’s routine. It’s easy.

It’s slow and steady, but the weight is coming off and I am now down over ten pounds from when I started a little over a month ago. It’s not super speedy, but I am getting there. Earlier in the week I was walking my dog Breezy and ran across this guy making his way across the sidewalk. As I was writing this it made me think of him. Slow and steady.

This was a pretty standard work week. I started it off with 4 straight days of commuting to and from the office. I didn’t ride on Friday for a couple of reasons. My girlfriend’s company party was that day and wasn’t far from my office. She had to drive in as part of the party setup, so I caught a ride with her. I was also resting my legs a little bit for a ride around Mercer Island with a couple coworkers and my friend Dan on Saturday. More on that later.

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