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Week Two Recap

After week one’s success i figured it would be hard to match.

Week two started off in pretty intense heat, at least by Seattle standards. Temperatures in the mid to high 80’s all week long made for a sweaty mess. The skies though were clear which made getting workouts in even easier and I was able to persevere through the heat have a solid week this week. The good weather tapered off though late in the week and ended in some rain showers and lower temps.

Exercise-wise I started off the week still in recovery mode as my body was revolting against my 40 mile ride on Saturday. My body put on about 4 pounds of weight in the next couple of days in response to the ride. It’s pretty disheartening to see the scale go up so much after you put out that much effort, but I trusted that it was water retention and my body would recover from the abuse I just dealt it. I drank a lot of water and just stayed consistent with my eating and slowly over the next couple of days the added weight went away and I hit another low of this recent two week trek.

This week I got in 8 cycling rides. All fairly short and all commutes to or from work. This nets be about 7-8 miles per day.

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Change Only Happens When You Want It To

"Change will only happen when you want it to". Something i have heard from so many people in the past and it’s an enormously frustrating thing to hear. Especially when you don’t understand what the saying is really getting at. Of course I want to change. I don’t want to struggle financially, or be overweight, or stuck at a job I hate. Today, I had a simple experience that made this statement become pretty clear and thought I would share.

Change will only happen when you want it to

I was walking through the kitchen at the office and today was the last day for one of my fellow employees. As is pretty customary she brought in all sorts of goodies on her last day. Cupcakes and a few loafs of some sort of sweet bread we splayed out over the table.

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What you eat in private you wear in public.
Vivid Seattle on Flickr.

A panoramic photo of the other nights vivid Seattle sunset.

Vivid Seattle on Flickr.

A panoramic photo of the other nights vivid Seattle sunset.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Fred Devito
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