10 Fitness Goals for 2016

10 Fitness Goals for 2016

It’s the beginning of the new year and I am a firm believer in goals and having something to work towards so I took a few minutes to jot down 10 Fitness Goals that I wanted to accomplish fitness-wise in 2016.

Of course there are likely others that I could add here, the ones that I listed are a bit more trackable. Things I can check off a list for the most part. A few of the goals are trying to top previous records that I have set including the first one on the list.

So here are my 10 fitness goals for the 2016 year.

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Mid-life Crisis

Mid-life Crisis

I’m having a bit of a mid-life crisis.

Not the type of mid-life crisis where you go find yourself a twenty year old girl, or buy some super slick sports car, or decide to trek across the world.  No, instead I am wrestling with my own age and the inevitable decline in performance.

Throughout my mid and late twenties I dropped around fifty pounds on my way to improving my health.  Along the way I became somewhat of an athlete again.  Running, hiking, and cycling among other things became a pretty regular part of life.  All the while looking forward to the day when I would hit what really was an ultimate goal of mine, seeing what an incredibly fit Kyle really looks like.  The problem is that the longer I wait, the less likely it is that this goal will ever be accomplished.

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Kyle Proposes to Christina – A Proposal Video

It started out as just an idea that while on our vacation to the Philippines I was going to pop the question.  The plan was to simply get video of the actual proposal itself and her reaction and call it a day.  Quickly after coming to that decision I somehow stumbled on another video that someone had done that pushed me to make a proposal video in addition to filming her reaction.

Happy couple after watching the proposal video on the Banaue Rice Terrace's view deck

So I kicked things off trying to recruit some help.  I had a quick coffee meeting with a busy of mine who had done sound projects in the past as well as another friend I thought could run a second camera for me.  Once those two were on board I recruited her mother and began the process of scheduling the family members for the interviews and location.

The proposal video ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated.  Primarily because I was doing most of the work around it.  Organizing, filming, directing, editing etc.  I did have help from a few of my friends during the filming phase which helped a lot, but I can understand now why films generally are broken out into so many roles.

A huge thanks to those who participated in the film both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  Without you this would not have been possible to pull off.


The past few weeks I had been drained.  No energy, not a ton of motivation.  Things here and there were not going the way I would like, my training was floundering, I just didn’t want to do anything.  I was burnt out.

Last weekend we took a quick trip for our anniversary to Portland, OR.  Just a quick three hour trip down the road from Seattle.  We stayed for just the weekend, walking around the markets, eating copious amounts of amazing food from food trucks and local restaurants and generally just enjoyed all the city had to offer including some fabulous weather while we were there.


I was burnt out.

Fast forward to Monday and I feel like I have been refreshed and recharged 100%.  Work isn’t painful, things start looking up and I have become a machine with my training and diet routines.  To start the day I woke up with a ton of energy and bike commuted to work (3.8 miles).  At the office I had a full and productive day which included a noon run of about 3.7 miles.   Then I bike commuted back home, another 3.8 miles.  At home I proceeded to cook dinner, chop up fruits and veggies for later, do all our dishes, clean up the kitchen, do some laundry take out some recycling and compost and walked the dog several times.  My girlfriend asked me several times to come and sit down, but I had plenty of energy and I just wanted to do things while I felt up to it.

I had no idea this trip would be such a kickstarter to get back into my routine again, and I guess I won’t take for granted what little getaways no matter how small actually mean to your body and your mind.  Can’t wait to see how I feel coming back from the Philippines.  Well… minus the jet-lag.