For the third year in a row I ran the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon and for the third year in a row I improved my time and effort. Although I wasn’t expecting much due to my poor training, yet somehow I had a really good day.

<img src="https://farm3 Find Out” width=”800″ height=”800″ alt=”Waiting for the Start of the Seattle Rock And Roll Half Marathon” />

This year I was shooting for three major goals,

  1. Run the entire thing without stopping/walking
  2. Average under ten minutes per mile
  3. Finish faster than last year

I was able to accomplish all three of these which was awesome and a pretty major accomplishment for me. Running the whole thing without stopping was a bigger accomplishment than average pace just because of the sheer distance, as well as my lack of training. Finishing faster than last year came as a natural result of the first two.

My training was pretty lax if not non-existent. I was doing a fair amount of cycling that involved some good hill climbing, but that was about my only form of training with a 3-4 mile run sprinkled in here and there.

My training was pretty lax if not non-existent

I went into the race with very little expectation. I even joked that maybe I would walk home at the halfway point since it was less than a mile from my home. Despite that, I finished officially at 02:10:46, a minute and 41 seconds faster than last year. 4205 out of 12363 overall participants and 2321 out of 4518 of all male participants and 451 out of 809 in my division which is based on age. In this case males age 30-34.

Given the lack of training I feel pretty good a couple days afterwards. Along with some thigh soreness I also have a few blisters, but nothing too serious. I am sure when 2015 rolls around I will end up doing it yet again. Perhaps under 2 hours is the next goal.