Wow! I just got done running 4 miles in about 40 minutes. Not the greatest minutes per mile I know, but the point is that I did it. I have been running 2 mile loops for a while now without much problem when I actually do it. The problem is motivation. I get home sit down, eat supper, then watch T.V. and pretty soon I am deflated and not willing to get up. Now I usher in my new best friend.

Lets face is, we can all pretty much afford to lose a few pounds, kilos, whatever your preferred measurement is. I started this summer at nearly 246 lbs, and have made my way to 232 within a couple of months.

Until now I thought self help type tracks were extraordinarily cheesy and lame. I still do to a point if you have to use them to tell yourself that your a good person, or how successful you are. This is more of a motivator. Something to keep you from plopping on the couch and watching an hour or two of T.V.

Motivation to Move is a podcast run by Scott Smith who just like most people has struggled with weight. Scott however has found a way to tangle with it by eating right, and exercising. Sounds like hard work and it most definitely is which is why Scott created the podcast. I don’t always get excited to go out and hit the running trails, however Scott’s podcasts motivate you to just get up, now or immediately after his podcasts and do something. It doesn’t matter what exactly, just something. Drop and do push-ups he says many times. Just get up and move is the mantra. And it works, it motivates you and excites you to move.

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