Welcome aboard. My name is Kyle Paul Johnson and I’m a web developer or software engineer with a good eye for design and a passion for good UI.  I am pseudo designer, fitness enthusiast and amateur photographer. I live and work in the beautiful downtown Seattle area.  I work for lead a small engineering team for Quote Wizard, a company that buys and sells insurance leads.

I host a weekly podcast with my long time friend Mike Sheehan called Coffee & Code Cast covering a range of tech topics and anything else we feel like talking about.  You can find that on Itunes, Google Play Music or Soundcloud.

I  generally come off as a shy, or quiet person when I first meet people which is true.  I tend to open up to people a lot more as I get to know them better.  I love spending time with friends and family, talking tech, snapping photographs, running, cycling, hiking and playing or watching most sports. I have become a lover of pretty much all things outdoors since moving to the Pacific Northwest, and recently with the addition of my dog Breezy have been far more active and getting out more. I have participated in many endurance events while losing around fifty pounds.

Instagram feed @kylepauljohnson