I'm Kyle Paul Johnson and I’m a engineering leader, fitness enthusiast and amateur photographer. I live and work in the beautiful downtown Seattle area. I lead a small technology team for Prep Sportswear, a company that produces high quality one off products with your choice of design.

I am a transplant and grew up in a small village of about 700 people in the Midwest. I generally come off as shy or even intimidating to some but I tend to open up to people a lot more as I get to know them better.

I love spending time with friends and family, talking tech, snapping photographs, running, cycling, hiking and playing or watching most sports. I have become a lover of pretty much all things outdoors since moving to the Pacific Northwest, and recently with the addition of my dog Breezy have been far more active and getting out more.

I have competed and completed a number of races both running and cycling, and I continue to be an active runner, hiker, and cyclist.

Fitness & Weight Loss

Over the past seven years I have managed to lose and keep off (for the most part) around 65 pounds. In 2007 I started on a journey down the road of self betterment, and getting my health under control. Over the course of the next 3 years I lost a total of 65 lbs through very simple life changes. I tend to get asked a lot about how I did it, so I wrote a lengthy post about the journey that I set out on and that continues on today.