Apple does a lot of things well. They create a lot of cool new innovative and sexy products for general consumers. IPhone, IPod, Mac Book, all wildly successful or at least generating a lot of buzz. This is all well and good from a consumer standpoint as users are loving what Apple is putting out, however corporations are not going to buy in, not now, not ever.

There are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost is Microsoft was on the scene first. This in itself is the number one factor. What goes one way, goes the other. Apple had the IPod, Windows has the Zune. It’s not hard to see who’s winning that battle. Same goes for Windows Server technologies. Windows had their server product out first, and Mac is trying to break in with minimal success. Even with that said, let’s face it, Windows Server is a pretty stable environment for the most part. It doesn’t have most of the issues that are dealt with on a day to day basis when it comes to home user Windows versions.

Price is a factor. Apple can tout it’s hardware and stability facts until they are blue in the face. Lack of software, higher costs, and general lack of Mac’s in the business market are going to make it very difficult for Apple to inject itself into the workplace. How many Mac OS X server certified administrators are there out there? It doesn’t compare when looked at against those certified on Windows server platforms. This would also lead to higher demand for OS X admins and push salaries up, at even more cost.

Apple just needs to stick to what it does best, and that is consumer electronics. It does them well, it inspires people to buy products almost without test driving them, and that’s power. It lacks that power though in the business market, and that’s not going to change.

Posted on 1/31/2007 4:08:00 PM by K