In a couple of posts I have read lately, the writers expressed frustration over statistics that showed more views on a post that the writer deemed sub par to another that received quite a number of views. Where does this frustration come from? The so called blogoshpere seems to be convoluted with a bunch of narcissists that are only interested in numbers and not what they are writing about at all.

As the blog world continues to grow larger it seems that there is a large community of writers that are expecting to be read only because they have been read in the past. Instead of writing a entry that stirs movement, starts a controversy, or points out something that maybe others could learn from and letting the content speak for itself, the writers continually spit out old run-of-the mill dribble. The numbers they monitor on an hourly/daily basis begin to dwindle they almost beg for people to visit, or making their readers feel guilty about not reading any longer in an effort to bring them back. This is how it looks from an outsiders perspective.

I am relatively new to the world of blogging, and don’t have an audience the size of most of the bloggers that I read, however I am grateful to all the readers I have. They are the reason that I continue to write. They are what inspire me to put my thoughts down, and I am learning with each post what my readers find interest in, and what they don’t. I am constantly reviewing my statistics per post and evaluating which posts did well and which did not. Instead of speaking out to my audience saying that I had a killer post that no one read I start writing again, improving on what I have done in the past. To me this is a more proper way of channeling frustration with your writing.