This afternoon I went out and finished up the holiday shopping. I stopped at a number of stores did a lot of looking and picked up a lot of things. I am really happy with the items that I picked up and I think they will all go over well.

While I was out, I knew I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to pick up. I went to most of the stores I knew had the items that I wanted, and maybe browsed a bit, but I am an in and out kind of shopper. I know what I want and I go in, get it and get out as soon as possible. I am not a shopper in any sense of the word.

As I was walking around gathering things, I started to ponder a bit how many of the guys that were walking around me were doing the same. If they had any idea of what they were going to pick up, or if they were just walking around blindly picking things out.

My assumption would be that these people end up with a lot of gifts that the recipients could care less about. A little harsh I know, but really why are they shopping using that method? They didn’t listen or didn’t pry for gift ideas during the year. My wife constantly is telling me what she wants, and what interests her, so that makes things easy for me.

As a result of poor communication, Christmas lists become necessary. For people who don’t communicate well enough to know what the other people in their lives are interested in, or desire. The most unfortunate part of that statement is the fact that we live in the digital age. With infinite forms of communication, however we fail to maintain connection with people that mean a lot to us.

I hope this is not the case for you this holiday season. I wish everyone a great Christmas, and a drunkenly happy New Year!