“Change will only happen when you want it to”. Something i have heard from so many people in the past and it’s an enormously frustrating thing to hear. Especially when you don’t understand what the saying is really getting at. Of course I want to change. I don’t want to struggle financially, or be overweight, or stuck at a job I hate. Today, I had a simple experience that made this statement become pretty clear and thought I would share.

Change will only happen when you want it to

I was walking through the kitchen at the office and today was the last day for one of my fellow employees. As is pretty customary she brought in all sorts of goodies on her last day. Cupcakes and a few loafs of some sort of sweet bread we splayed out over the table.

I am normally a huge sucker for sweets, and normally I would be right there with a plate full of all of it. Today was different. Today I looked at the table full of sweet treats and simply thought to myself what do I care about more? Sweets, or losing the weight I told myself I would lose. The answer was at that moment very clearly losing the extra weight and so leaving it all on the table was easy.

The other days that I would take some rather than think of the weight I was trying to lose shows you that the sweets at that moment in time are more important to you. Thus you really don’t want it that bad.

So the statement “Change will only happen when you want it to” is really a misnomer. It should read something like “Change will only happen when it is your top priority” or something to that effect.

Just a little food for thought today.