Back when I got my start with my current employer, the site was living somewhat in the past. It was very heavily graphics based, not organized well, had really no SEO techniques employed, the UI was pretty difficult to understand in many ways, and the file structure madea me cringe every time I had to make the most basic of updates.

Well once our full team of two developers was assembled we pumped out the site that is now in a matter of about 5-6 months. I have to say it was a vast improvement but the problem was that it was only meant to be a temporary fix.

The design which was mainly created to patch up major deficiencies in the site was only expected to have a maximum life cycle of a 6 months to a year. During that time we wanted to develop additional components for the site to make it much more user friendly to the user. For example providing relevant physicians to the pages they are looking at, or more relevant content that might pertain to what they were reading. We also wanted to provide a rating and feedback system on a per page basis to help better our content for the consumer/patient.

Unfortunately our master plan got derailed and kicked to the curb due to no fault of our own. New leadership came in and dismantled our plans with idea that they had better ideas of how our time could be spent. Taking focus away from the broad picture of the public Web site and focusing huge numbers of man hours on projects that only would apply to the minority of our sites visitors, and in some cases people that really don’t use are Web site at all.

Well times have changed again and management has moved on and staff has been lost in the transition, and so the project stays on the to-do list, and as the months go by the site I feel continues to show it’s expiring shelf life. Frustrating. When you have such a grand picture of what something could be bit because of lack of resources, proper leadership, money, whatever the case may be it gets pushed back again and again.

With any luck development of our new revision with all those things that I spoke of could start taking shape sometime after the first of the year, however now even more complexity has now crept into the project as the organization becomes aware of the concept of a CMS and the service lines want more and more control over their content and data. This of course doesn’t come without politics. Complexity leads to paralysis I think someone once told me. Oh how true.