You know, I constantly find myself writing and rewriting most documents that I am working on. Typically not because I feel they are written poorly but because they are not necessarily professional looking.  So in an effort to clean them up and make them really boring but straight forward I go through the document and rewrite in a more business specific style.

The entries that you read here are no exception.   Once and a while I am in a quirky mood and I publish entries with more of my style, but most often they are a very up tight and professional style of writing that makes them plain, and boring to be quite honest.  So I began to rethink of how I want to be looked at from the Web community and my readers.

It suddenly popped in my head completely out of no where, but it struck me like the people on the V8 commercials.  Just whap, right up side the head.  I started thinking about the people whom I like to read on a regular basis (blogger’s mostly) and tried to pick out characteristics that stuck out about them that maybe drew me into their style of writing and their thoughts.  There has to be something right, cause let’s face it there are hundreds if not thousands of blogger’s out there publishing content on any one subject.

Content is obviously a plus, but it’s more then that.  It’s their personality.  Their writing shows passion and comes alive and speaks to you.  I find reading one of  Keith Robinson’s entries so much more enjoyable and far easier to read then say Scott Guthrie.  Even though Scott posts far more often and often about things that are more relevant to me on a daily basis, Scott is very technical, very analytical and it shows in his writing as he pretty much sticks to the technical detail and doesn’t really show through any personality.  Now I do realize that that is a bit of a exaggerated example as Scott Guthrie’s blog is essentially a Microsoft business blog and Keith’s is personal, but even Keith’s entries on Blue Flavor have some of his flare to them.

What’s My Voice

So last night while I was laying in bed I started thinking about who I am, and what makes me… well me.  This is the person that should shine through when someone visits and reads what I have said.  Currently it doesn’t.  My writing is very up tight, and much like Scott Guthrie’s blog far to technical, however with any luck my sense of style and personality will begin to come out.

So I jotted down a few of those things that make me as a person unique:

  • I love the Web
  • I hate the Web
  • I am not a designer
  • I like to design
  • I am not a programmer
  • I like to program
  • I’m serious
  • I’m methodical
  • I’m a neat freak
  • I’m passionate
  • I’m professional
  • I’m really sarcastic (unfortunately this is hard to show in writing)
  • I am a Web standards proponent
  • I like indie music
  • I’m shy around new people

Some of these you might know.  They may have come out in my writing, some may be blatantly obvious as I have said them, or just the blog itself lends to those ideas.  Others maybe I need to work on, and will do that with time, and as my writing style changes maybe you will get to know me as a person a little bit better, and as I find my own voice.

What are your thoughts?  I am interested.