Today the International Astronomical Union declared that Pluto is in fact not a planet. Something that has been taught to grade schooler’s since 1930, is thrown out the window just that quickly with more advanced scientific discovery. Something so static in the universe that we are sure is there is something that we have wrongly identified for 76 years. What else are we wrong about? What else in this vast world of science do we think we know, but really have no grasp on what it is that we are really looking at, or touching, or the effect it might have on humanity and our planet.

Technology obviously is on a huge climb. Getting better and better at a faster pace then ever. As technology advances so does science as a whole. Science will always progress. Without science some of the most basic functions that we use on a daily basis right now would not exists.

Issues with the Science

The issue lies in the dangers technology is causing. Weapons, computer viruses, identity theft, history… that’s right history. Many people have no concept of the cost of finding that something that we have believed for thousands of years may in fact be false, inaccurate or in some way mis-construed. Books might be rewritten, businesses may no longer have a reason to exist, peoples careers may be lost due to a fundamental change in the way we view the world because of a technological advance.

The Truth

Many people are in favor of hearing the truth but when told are unable to accept it. Sounds strange for sure, but for the most part is true. If science was able to prove something is true or false, something earth shattering like let’s say for example a religion. This would affect everyone who practices that religion, the workers of that religion, the buildings that serve that religion, books, teachings; all would be thrown out the window. What if it was a religion that promotes war if it is attacked like Islam? Could a war result? A civil war of religion between the new believers and the non-believers.

Granted this is a planet that we have never seen or touched, but how far will technology advance before it causes a enormous change in our world. Maybe it’s a destructive weapon nuclear or worse. Maybe it’s a discovery that shakes a belief to it’s core. Is the world ready for something like that? It’s going to happen; maybe not in my lifetime, but someday it will happen, and that’s not something we can be prepared for because we were looking for it, and found it.

Truth is a great thing. Sometimes truth exposes the underbelly of things we want to brush from out minds. Sometimes it’s liberating, other times it’s very scary, but it needs to be dealt with. Denial at this point won’t be an option.