Podcasts are a great way to get some excellent content delivered straight to you rather then you going out to get it.  The best part my be that the majority of podcasts are free.

I make pretty heavy use out of podcasts for a variety of reasons.  Weather it be work, fitness, news, or just music in general there are podcasts available for nearly any subject you could think of.

Since it seems that a lot of people don’t take advantage of podcasts or understand them I thought I would throw out the list of the podcasts that I am subscribed to.


Category: Web Design
Frequency – Weekly
Cost: Free

Boagworld is a UK podcast dealing with all aspects of Web design and development and covers many topics from beginner to advanced.


Category: News/Technology
Frequency – Weekly
Cost: Free

Covers some of the weekly top submitted stories from  the social news Web site Digg.com that’s D, I, G, G …. dot com.  I think I managed to rip that pretty well.

The Rissington Podcast

Category: Web Design/Development
Frequency – Weekly
Cost: Free

Another UK based podcast, the John Oxton and Jon Hicks provide a hilarious question and answer session each week that deals with mainly with Web design and development, however there is often discussion of cheese and other topics.

This podcast has a long running tradition of trading pot shots with Paul Boag of Boagworld.com about who is the better podcaster, more famous, etc.

Neverrain Recordings

Category: Music
Frequency – Monthly
Cost: Free

Neverrain Recordings is created by professional DJ/Producer Eric Jordan.  These trance/techno/electronica style mixes are lengthy, but great for getting into work, or for your workouts.

Motivation to Move

Category: Fitness
Frequency – Daily/Weekly
Cost: Paid/Free


This is the only podcast on the list that has a paid option.  Although some of the podcasts are released for free it might be only 1 out of every 3 or 4.  Motivation to Move is run by Scott Smith who has been mentioned here before.  He runs a number of motivational fitness and well being podcasts varying from 10 minute daily podcasts to 30-40 minute full shows.  If you are looking for help getting in shape I highly recommend these.

Todd N Tyler Podcasts

Category: Radio
Frequency – Daily
Cost: Free


These two so called Shock Jocks are from my former hometown of Omaha, and are pretty funny dudes with a cast of regular characters and comics.  If you have some spare time, try them out.  Their humor takes a while to get used to though.

These are the majority of the podcasts that I am subscribed to.  There are a couple more, however they deal with sports in my home state as well in Seattle, so I left them out as most wouldn’t have any interest in them.

Hope you find some of them interesting if you check them out!  Anyone have any others that I should check out?