If your your thinking what in the world does that title mean, I don’t blame you. It makes sense to me only because I know about what peices those items together. These are 4 of the projects that I have been working on feverishly in in the last week to two weeks and have taken up all of my dear posting time.

The last time I posted I wrote about the number of projects that seem to be coming my way as of late (The opportunity for even more has presented itself but I have had to turn them down). The true reality of that fact has hit home in the last week and a half as most of my free time has been devoted to various projects that I am working on. A salon site, a site devoted to children near military installations, a site dealing with Music, and my own blog as make the jump from Nucleus to a new .Net based software called ThinkJot. I will talk about the blog in a later post.

Needless to say this blog might be a little quiet for the next week or two as I get some projects wrapped up, but I will be sure to post about the projects as they are completed, and obvisously the blog may take on a somewhat new form as I maka a change to the new software.