Hitting Milestones

Since June ‘07 as you may know, I have been on a mission to get my weight down to 190 lbs, and in the past couple of weeks I have broken out of the 200’s.

This was an enormous physical and more importantly mental milestone.  When I embarked on this journey I honestly didn’t believe myself that I could do it, but I did and the sad part of it all is it wasn’t really that hard.  To date that puts me at 56 lbs lost over the past 2 years.

Two years seems like a long time doesn’t it, but instead of looking at it as such a long time, look at it from the perspective of the fact that despite 2 years having gone by, I am in way better shape now than I was two years ago.

How Did You Do It

I get asked this a lot. More and more as the weight comes off, and I have to admit that it’s strange to me, to inspire or to instruct people in fitness.  Don’t get me wrong it’s great and I do really have the desire to help other people with the same problems, however I have never been in this situation.  For most of my life it would have been the other way around.

Questions range from “What’s your secret?”, to “What’s the magic trick that you used?”, to “Why don’t you ever eat?”.  I have heard a lot of them.  Really though the trick is there are no tricks.  No gimmicks, no magic diet, no grueling workout routine.  None of it.  It’s common sense, good food, and daily activity.

Over the next several weeks to months, I think I am going to write up some of what I have done in a series of posts.  A sort of guide to the way that I thought about, approached, and managed the process.  For me the mental side of more important than the diet and exercise.  Your mind has such an influential part in any process, and weight loss is no exception.  I will certainly provide other information into my journey like food, and workouts as well, but that will be less of a focus during these entries.

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