Over the course of the past year or two I have slowly put on about 10 pounds that i am now attempting to work back off. As I have been putting in the work I have seen results, however like many people they of course aren’t fast enough in my eyes.

I spent some time examining the things I am doing now versus those things that I was doing back in 2007 when I lost a good amount of weight and found it interesting that I had forgotten or was not abiding by many of my own rules. Evaluating what worked for me in the past I came to the quick conclusion that I had forgotten much of what made me successful in the first place.

The mind is fickle.

When I lost the bulk of my weight I did it without the use of any kind of trackers. I didn’t log or write down anything, the only indication of progress to me was the scale. I can see now that this was both good and bad. Good from the perspective it let me focus on the one thing that was truly important. Bad from the standpoint that I have no record of what it was that I was doing and as I try to recall how often I was running, or what I was eating I can’t remember. The mind is fickle.

40+290 Notch

Another issue i have been working through is the speed at which these changes happen. I know that the scale tends to fluctuate and that you should use it more as a trend than a accurate picture of your day to day work. I find myself frustrated though by the one two, or sometimes three-pound fluctuations that can occur day to day. I definitely recall having this in my mind all the time during the time I lost a lot of weight and it didn’t worry me, however I seem to struggle with it a bit more now. With a little success it has become easier to cope with these small swings.

Over the past couple of weeks I have seemed to get the cart rolling in the right direction and things are starting to get easier. The two-week habit rules still apply. I am making new habits and as long as I stick with them things should continue to go my way.


  • Use a tracking tool (Paper, apps or online)
  • Have patience
  • Stick with it for two weeks
  • Expect small swings on the scale