This morning this just sort of started flowing out of me, and so I went with it.  It’s a simple list of the first things that come to your head for each of the saying’s: I Am, I Have, and I Will.

I Am

– am stronger than my minds eagerness to break me
– am more forgiving than even I would like to be
– am 45 lbs lighter than I was less then two years ago
– am often misunderstood
– am a good listener most of the time

I Have

– have persevered through major life crisis
– have made many mistakes
– have lost my creativity somewhere (has anyone seen it?)
– have taken life too seriously at times
– have made work/internet too much of my life

I Will

– will not take my relationships for granted
– will scale back my non-work computer/internet use
– will run a half marathon
– will meet my goal weight
– will perceiver