Several times in the last few weeks, my comments area mostly on old posts have been inundated with bot postings, with links to anything you can think of. These things can post one hundred or more comments in a single day.

In an effort to attempt to curb some of the bot postings I am looking at adding the traditional image with a series of numbers that a bot cannot pick up on, however in terms of making this site continue to grow and not hound users into entering a new number each time they comment, I have put that idea on hold.

I am not sold on the idea of no-follow tags on my links to all my comments and comment pages. That is a loss to SEO, and less page refrences for my SEO. So I would like to rule that one our straight away.

Yet another idea that came into my head was creating a sort of flood control that only allows only a defined number of comments per hour however that only slows the leak, and doesn’t stop it all together, and unnecessarily limits my readers from commenting freely.

So, with these three solutions not really appealing to me,
I thought I would throw this one out to you and see what experience you have had with this in addition to my own research. I would like to know what the readers think before making any type of change. I would like to keep commenting here as easy as possible, so feel free to give me your thoughts about this or even the site in general.