Yeah!  That got your attention didn’t it.  I won’t be riding that all in one sitting, it will be two days of each riding 100 miles. Still seem crazy.  Maybe.

Over the past 5 years I have had a number of goals related to my health and fitness.  First it was to lose just 10 lbs, then an additional 20, then it was to get to 190 lbs.  All of these I completed.  So last year I made a goal to complete a half marathon which I also completed.

Seattle to Portland Ride 2013

I was struggling a bit to come up with a new goal as the next logical steps would be a full marathon, or Tough Mudder, or triathlon, or something to that effect and that’s not really what I am into or interested in.

I decided to go in another direction all together.  Next year I am going to jump on the bike and do the Seattle To Portland (STP) ride.  This is a big departure from the solid running routine that I had been doing which I am excited about.  A little shakeup to your routine is always good, and this give mes another workout tool to keep me motivated and interested.

So last night I went and got my new Trek 2.1 road bike.  I have already ridden it a handful of times and am already in love with the thing.  This is also going to become my commuter just in time for rainy season!  The plan is to train/commute all winter long as weather allows and then really ramp it up in the spring in time to get ride ready.

If that wasn’t cool enough already I also got hooked up with a terrific gym and an even better coach/trainer/friend Kamini at the Refit Komplex not far from my place.  I will have to write another post on all the awesome things she is doing there with health, fitness and nutrition all in on beautiful package.  Far too much to throw into this quick post.

Super excited to get this next phase of training started.  Bring back summer!