It’s resolution’s time of year again and although I am not a huge fan of it I do think it’s a good time to reflect on the year and think of what you did right, and what went wrong.  2012 in general was a great year for me and provided a lot more stability which was probably my number one goal for most of the year.  That continues, with the addition of a handful more.

Simplify Everything

The funny thing about this one is that I say simplify everything, and then I am going to go on and explain new rules or things I am going to get done.  Which by it’s very nature is making things more ridged and complicated.  But let’s ignore this fact for a moment.

The first and probably number one goal for myself this year is to simplify everything.  Generally speaking I try to live pretty simply already, however I think I can do better.  

What do I mean by living simple?  Well generally for me, that means a few things:

  1. Not being overcommitted financially or for time.
  2. Maintaining a very clean and organized home.
  3. Removing things that you no longer use.  (If you haven’t looked at it in 6 months, do you really need it?)

For me this is a way that I strive to live.  It eliminates clutter, stress, and for me just makes life flow much smoother.  There is really nothing to detract you from what you want to do day-to-day because you have freed yourself from cleaning, or financial stress or many other factors that may feel imposing.

In a nutshell, what this means to me empowering myself to be free to do things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do, by good planning and organization.

Stop Biting My Nails, Once and For All

Ugh.  This one has been on many New Years lists unfortunately.  It’s a tough nut to crack. Although I don’t really have any great insight as to how I am going to do this I am going to make my best effort with just sheer will power.  I am already well on my way and have caught myself doing it a number of times.

The issue becomes once they get long (which to me is very relative) and I can start to feel sharp edges.  This leads to me basically just rubbing the edge of my nail, which eventually makes me feel like I need to bite it.  So trying to kill off all those behaviors will be a challenge  but I am gonna do it!

Re-Focus on Weight Loss

Although this has been on my list every year for the past probably 5-6 years in some capacity I freely admit I have taken the past couple of years a little easy and intend to get back to my goals that I had set years ago.

That goal was originally to hit 190 lbs, which I did in early 2011.  Since then I have certainly regained some of that as I lost focus.  My new goal is not only to get back to that 190 mark, but surpass it and make it back to my high school football playing weight of 180 lbs.  Totally doable and it’s going to happen.

I have a lot of outlets now to focus that energy and to get the exercise needed.  Just to name a few I am looking forward to when it begins to warm up just a little bit include: 

  1. More hiking and backpacking
  2. Cycling (I bought a bike!)
  3. Train and ride in the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride.
  4. Back to pounding pavement
  5. Run again in the Seattle Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon.

So nothing to crazy, nothing over the top, just simple things that make life better and keep me more active.  If I can do that, it will be a happy 2013!