I think today I finally got it. I think today my passion for what I do really jacked me in the face. I know a lot of people like their jobs; they go to work nine to five every day all their lives. I knew I was in the category, little did I know just how far in my blood it really is. Let me explain just what I mean.

This week I was talking with a colleague that shall remain nameless. I consider myself friends with this person and get along with them rather well most of the time. Professionally however we differ heavily on many things. This particular day we were discussing some technology that was new to them, however not to me or the industry in general. During that day for several hours I coached them on how the technology works, and how to set things up with it and all things basic so they could take it and run after I leave. Several times my colleague wanted to resort back to old ways and tricks to getting things to work quickly and easily the way they have done them for years. I kept pushing them to move towards the newer accepted methods for purposes of usability, which they resisted for the most part. Then I mentioned to them that maybe they should take the technology home to play with on their home computer and to use on their many personal sites just to get a grasp of how it works and to be able to use it more efficiently. I was immediately rebuffed on that point with a quick glare and “I am not doing that.”

Now maybe it’s just me, but my passion is the Web. I love to learn new things, that’s why I got into this field. I love creating solutions to problems, doing new things all the time, its just something that I figure comes with the territory. But that quick comment immediately aggravated me. Not only had I worked with this person for several years trying to get them to move into newer methods, and newer more accepted technologies only to be pushed back when I asked something that I assumed all Web professionals did without question.

As I have been reflecting back on those events I find myself realizing that this is the underlying reason I was unhappy at my work. This is why I got instantly agitated with this person. I am passionate about my work; I want to know what technologies are out there that will help a user navigate through a page easier. This person doesn’t share those views. They are content with doing the bare minimum to maintain the skills to create what they have done for years. They are awaiting the go ahead from the company to learn things on company time which has been reiterated to them many times, however being stubborn they refuse to move.

This I think is where the liberation that I felt when being offered the job at the Nebraska Medical Center came from. I was suddenly out from under the umbrella of poor and outdated design techniques, software’s, ideals and many other things.

I made the realization that I am really on another plain. I don’t want to be ok with what I am doing; I want it to be better, easier, more improved in some way. This is what drives me and this is my passion.