How many times have you come across a site and thought to yourself I wish I would have thought of that “X” years ago, or I wish I was a contributing member to that exclusive community. Most of us have done at some point in our lives. I have done it with a lot of sites however I was lucky enough to get on board as a contributor to a site that I have been a reader of for several years.

Update: My first post on Wisdump – Life’s Pace Contributing to a Waning Web Appeal

wisdumplogoHow We Met
I was lucky enough to recently get the opportunity to write and contribute to the very well known blog called Wisdump. Once known as Whitespace, Wisdump was started back in 2003 by Paul Scrivens who also happens to be the CEO for the large blogging network 9Rules. Paul or Srivs as he is known grew a very large audience with his writing style and no non-sense attitude towards the Web. Since then it has been acquired by Maxafi Ltd based in Manchester, England, and Paul has moved on to other things.

It’s been quite a few years since I found Wisdump. So many in fact that I really don’t recall how it was that I came across it. I would make an educated guess it was one of those boring afternoons, and I was hitting up Google for some reading. Since that day I have been a subscriber ever since.

What to Expect

I don’t really expect anything to change here. I will still be posting here as I always have, and will have posts over at Wisdump as well. I may have to find a way to feed my posts from Wisdump onto this site at some point in the future, but I will leave that for a time when I have less to do.

I am already formulating my first Wisdump post, however I am not sure when I will have it polished and published, but I am excited to get started. I will make a note here when my first post does go up.

Quick Thanks

Finally I would like to thank Lee from Maxafi for the tremendous opportunity. I am excited to get started and in partnership with him and others take Wisdump to a new level.