Today tucked away in a corner of Facebook messages I discovered a message by someone who was desperately trying to get a hold of me on behalf apparently of a former Australia’s Got Talent contestant.  I was informed that he was contacting me on behalf of someone who lost the account when it was hacked.  He went on to explain that his “coworker” who owns the account doesn’t have Facebook (but she’s a former TV star?) and couldn’t contact me themselves.  

The account in question is one that I had legitimately requested years ago.  It had become stale and no one was using it at that time.  Twitter had created a form that you could request a Twitter name when it became available.  A few months ago I got the email that I could register that Twitter name, and so I did.  

Months went by, and I wasn’t contact via my personal existing Twitter account, nor via the new Twitter account even.  Instead, he tried to contact me via my personal Web site.  Because that happened to be broken he contacted me via Facebook to inquire about getting his account back.

Oops.  Obviosuly I have been neglecting my poor domain over there.

The guy went on to tell me a handful of different stories that didn’t seem to add up or make any sense when they were all put together.  Like the fact that when I responded to him he now calls the Twitter account in question “his”, instead of his friends.  So I don’t think he will be getting my twitter username, however I did take the opportunity to clean up the contact form a bit and getting it back to working order.  Wonder how many requests i have missed over the past few months while that has been out of commission.