It’s time for a quick and long overdue update.

The weather has been pretty wild the past several weeks so I have only gotten in one ride in recent memory. It’s dark when I leave work, so it’s pretty difficult to even find the time to get out and get a ride in. So this week I broke down and purchased a bike trainer.

CycleOps Fluid2 Bike Trainer

I purchased the CycleOps Fluid2, a fluid trainer that is fairly expensive compared to many other fan and magnet trainers. I wanted the trainer to be pretty quiet as I will be training in my basement garage which is directly below the living room and kitchen in my home. I didn’t want the sound to penetrate the floor, or through the walls into the neighbor townhouses either.

I should get some pretty healthy use out of this with both the Ironman 70.3, as well as Seattle to Portland both coming up in 2015.

Once I have the thing set up and have put some hours in on it I will follow up with a little review.

Seattle to Portland in One Day?

For the second time the idea has been thrown around to do STP in one day. Not by me, but by several others in a work group that I plan to ride the event with next year.

To ride that distance in 12 hours you need to average 17.5 mph over the entire course with only one 30 minute break.

I personally can’t decide if that’s something I am really interested in doing or if I should just address it as yet another challenge to add and knock off my list.

In any event, this is something I can certainly use the bike trainer for as well during the winter months.

Cleaning Up the Diet

Since Thanksgiving the diet has gone pretty much out the window. We tried to cleanup the vast amount of leftovers and haven’t really done very well at preparing much of anything as of late. This was compounded by a wedding this past weekend.

So with the addition of the bike trainer it’s also time to get back to logging everything and spending some time prepping and cooking.

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