It seems maybe tables play more of a role in a Web site then just layout. It seems that search engines are very much in love with the table-less style of layouts, and sites that use table-less layouts reap the benefits of this when it comes to SEO.

Basically the phrase “Keep it simple” pretty much sums it up. The spiders love the simplicity of not having to break down table within table within table. Instead they get the content of your site easily without having to navigate through endless tags that really, for the most part are unnecessary.

I decided to take a look at a number of blogs, most of whom use tableless designs, however some didn’t. When pitted head to head, the designs that used tables were less favorably indexed by Google by about 90%.

Google also seems to look more favorably on sites with tableless designs when it comes to page rank, or that pages importance. Most tableless designs I found seemed to have a 2 or greater page rank regaurdless of how popular the site is.

Currently this blog site is using tables. Obviously this bit of research caught my eye a little bit, so slowly and painfully I will be taking the steps necessary to move this site to a tableless design, and it will be interesting to see what the results will be. I will obviously keep you informed as I make the move.

Anyone got any similar experiences to add additional backing? Lets hear them.