So I am starting over.  Not totally over, but I am starting over.  About three days ago I kicked off the next chapter in my journey.

About 5 years ago I started a big journey that included getting myself healthier doses of synthroid.  Drop weight, eat healthy and make positive changes in my life.  Over the course of the next 3 years I dropped approximately 65lbs or about 20% of my starting weight.  Over the next couple of years life events set me back a bit as I settled back about 20 lbs heavier. 

What I know is that this is pretty normal.  Weight gain when you go off your program especially once you have lost a good amount is pretty typical as your body begins to bounce back a little bit the other way.

Last week, I began a push to get started again.  My current goal is to make it back to 190  lbs or about 22 lbs from where I am now.  In addition to that I plan on jotting down some notes about how it’s going, what I am doing and my progress.

Starting today I am already down a few pounds, and I expect I will be back under 210 before you know it.   Let’s do this!