A few days ago I stepped on the scale knowing already that my pants were fitting a bit tighter. I hadn’t exactly been watching what I was eating or working out much, so I was expecting to see a larger number than I would like to see. I didn’t dissapoint, up about ten pounds on the year.

I knew what to expect, but that was a tipping point. So without much discussion I decided to kill the sweets habbit. Easier said than done but I have stuck to it so far.

Dwelling on Little Victories

Earlier in the week I had been listening to an NPR story on the way home from work. Unfortunatly I don’t recall the content of the story aside from one thing the interviewee (a phycologist) mentioned during the story. And that was to simple stop and think about things that are good. He said that often we gloss over victories and dwell on negatives when it should be the other way around.

I knew what to expect, however that was a tipping point.

Self-control is a tough for everyone. It’s hard to resist urges. However if you try to put emphasis on the wins instead of the losses I feel this is a helpful little practice. So I have been taking time to recognize little victories. Things even as simple as passing on a peice of candy. I just keep the thought in my mind for a few moments, think about how I feel about it and then move on. So far I have found this is helpful in building confidence in your self control and resisting temptations.

Starting A New Goal

The idea of finding and recognizing little victories has already made my weight jump down and with a little discussion my girlfriend and I came a new shared goal. We both set a goal weight we want to get to and once we have made that goal we will immediatly book a vacation. There really isn’t any time table and we have a handful of locations in mind. Likely to a warm, sunny, sandy, beachy sort of place. Somewhere we can feel good and show off the hard work we put in.

Should provide ample motivation to get ourselves where we want to be and jet off to a warm and sunny destination.