Laying the Ground Work

Although I feel that I am far from done with this site I am happy that I have finally gotten it up and running. I have gone through numerous working iterations before coming to this point. I have settled on several designs only to get them totally created in HTML/CSS only to decide that I didn’t really like it as much as I thought.

Using this design I finally came up with a design and color scheme that I felt comfortable with, even though it deviated from my typical green and white designs for this site.

Converting Old Data

This was a chore. Nuclues was a database driven blog system where ThinkJot is XML driven. So moving data over was a bit of a chore. There was no automated process to make this happen and so I ended up doing it manually. As a result the comments are all lost. I am hoping to find a quick and dirty way to programmatically move them sometime in the future when I get some more of the things worked out that need fine tuning.

Some of the New Features

  • Larger Font – seeming as though I have been involved in a lot of Web standards and accessibility related work I thought it was high time I brought my site with me into that mind set. Readability is a large part of accessibility. Even blind people should be able to read your Web site which involves using symantec code, and Web Standards.
  • Standards & Semantics – These items lend heavily towards two things. Most commonly people think of them as items that will help your Search Engine rankings. Even more then that they will help people with accessibility issues read and work with your site easier. I have made every effort to clean up code and create good markup.
  • Life Stream – Life Stream may very well be the coolest added feature. Life Stream is a aggregate feed of most of the sites I use on a daily basis including: Flickr,, Last.FM, Digg, Pownce and more and combines them into a chronological listing of what I have been doing online. For example if make a post on Web Aesthetics the post name and the Web Aesthetics icon will be listed in the Life Stream indicating that I have done something on that site, and giving me and you a quick link to that.
  • Digg API (Coming Very Soon) – You may have noticed that some posts on the old site had yellow icons that said Digg at the bottom. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Digg it is a social news Web site where you can submit stories and the users of the site can Digg (vote) on them. The more votes the closer to the homepage your story becomes.

    I will be implementing the number of Diggs into the post details right underneath the title. It shows the number of Diggs the current story has. Clicking the digg count will add your Digg to the count assuming you are signed into Digg as a registered member.

The site is definitely not finished and you will more then likely see changes come and go almost daily as I try and get it to the point that I am happy with. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on the new site post me a comment!