Back when I worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital I was in charge of implementing and running our CMS platform which at the time and I believe still is Ektron.  When I worked with the software which was I believe around version 7 and a little bit into version 8, the software did a lot for you which was great. But it was also incredibly bloated and assets were not well managed adding a good amount of extra or extraneous scripts and styles.  I made it a goal to remove some of this extraneous Ektron code.

A few instances of this were scripts that were injected to perform some common functionality, but often are actually not needed at all. Blog commenting scripts, and a “blank.css” file were just a couple of instances of unnecessary assets that got loaded despite the fact we weren’t using them.

I am a little bit of a purest when it comes to this, so I cobbled together some code that would remove these scripts and some other unneeded elements from my Ektron based pages.

On a old blog platform that was powered on Umbraco (my CMS of choice now days) I had a post in which I outlined this code and it got a fair amount of traffic. Through many site redesigns, restructures and database changes the post has been lost, and I had thought the code went with it. Today I ran across it again on an old snippet site I used to use and so I thought I would share it out again as I have been contacted a couple of times recently about this post.


  1. This code was written 3+ years ago, and its quality is likely not the best. It could probably be rewritten to be much cleaner.
  2. This only applies for sure to Ektron 7.x. This likely was somewhat corrected in version 8 and other versions since.
  3. I make no guarantees about this code. As with all bits of code you incorporate from third parties, use at your own risk.

The Code



Good luck!