After three years of hard work that included the implementation of a new brand, the implementation of a new CMS and many other various projects, successes and failures I have made the choice to leave the company that brought me to Seattle.

Seattle Children’s Hospital has been a great place to work, and it is made great by the people that work there, specifically on the Web team that I interacted with most closely.  Not only does each member possess great talent in their respective areas, but there are so many great personalities that all seem to work together, blend and provide a fun and interesting atmosphere to work.

All that said, on the 28th of January I will end my employment with Children’s to move onto a new and exciting opportunity that aligns closely with a lot of my interests including the outdoors, mobile devices, and geo-location.


So where to next?  I have accepted a position at Groundspeak as a middle tier developer on their Web team.  Groundspeak is a company that runs the largest geocaching Web site in the world in addition to a handful of other properties.

I’m sure many of you are thinking “What in the world is geocaching?”.  It’s a fair question.  Geocaching is really pretty young and unknown still to a lot of people which is part of what makes it exciting.  It’s basically a high tech version of a treasure hunt.  Below is a short video that explains it in more detail.

Groundspeak’s offices which are in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle which is the technological epicenter of Seattle with neighbors like Adobe, Google, and Getty Images.  Groundspeak’s offices are very lively and the entrance is itself a geocache location.  As you enter the office there is a large geocache that attracts large number of geocachers

Although I am sad to leave so many great folks at Children’s and the fantastic group that has been my team for the past 3 years, this was a opportunity that I felt I really couldn’t pass up, and I am really excited to get started!