I have a confession to make.  I am a list maker.  I make lists for everything.  Meals, groceries, todos, things I want to post here about.  It doesn’t matter what it is, I likely have a list about it.  One of those lists is the subject of this post. Goals.  It’s nearly 2015, and with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions.  And what is New Year’s resolutions?  You got it, a list!  [pullquote align=”right”]I am a list maker.  I make lists for everything.  Meals, groceries, todos, things I want to post here about.  It doesn’t matter what it is, I likely have a list about it. [/pullquote]

As much as I am a list maker, I am also a goal setter.  Over the course of the past 7 years or so I have always set a few goals at the beginning of each year that I would use as a challenge.  It might be a 5k, or a 10k, or a half-marathon.  Most often in the past they revolved around weight loss and fitness.  This year contains some fitness goals as well, but it’s expanded as well into some other interests that I have, but really haven’t been making time for.  So this post is really nothing more than a conscious stream of things I would like to complete in 2015 in no particular order.

Pay off all Credit Card debt

I really don’t have much credit card debt compared to most folks, and obviously this is a pretty cliche New Year’s resolution.   However I would like to get it paid off and start adding to my savings and rainy day fund.  Generally speaking I like to pay all my bills and purchases via my rewards card and pay off each month.  This allows me to take any extra monies available and pass them onto my retirement and rainy day fund, which leads to the next item in the list.

Add to rainy day fund

It’s a rule of thumb you should have 3 months worth of living saved up for a rainy day in case you would lose your job or some other emergency would occur.  I do have some savings but not nearly that much at this moment.  So once I have completed paying off the credit card debt I do have, this should help compound the amount of cash I can throw into this fund and ultimately once I have the amount I am looking for snowball the money I was adding to this fund and divert it to my retirement.  In fact in order to kick start this goal we are once again doing no spend January which I am already fully engaged with even though it’s not yet January.

Complete Half Ironman

The next item on my fitness bucket list was to complete a half Ironman, so I have signed up for that in 2015, so no begins the training for that event.  I have gotten a good amount of gear to assist in training during the winter months and have already begun some light training.  I need to ramp it up pretty heavily however and probably should quite soon.

Extend the rooftop deck on our home

This is a project we wanted to do last year but never go to.  When our home was built they put a deck over about 30% of the flat roof.  This roof has a door that allows easy access to the deck and we spent a good amount of time on the deck over the summer.

A view of the rooftop as it is currently.

A view of the rooftop as it is currently.

This is one of the things that really sold us on the home.  The roof is capable of supporting a deck across the entire roof area so this year we will get that completed which will give us a lot more usable space up there.

Wake up earlier

This is pretty generic, but as a whole I would like to wake up earlier.  I have slowly slid to waking up later and later in the mornings and I really enjoy my time in the morning.  It gives me time to make coffee, breakfast, or simply get my things organized for the day.  My Grandpa Kyle used to say the morning hours were his favorite because they were his most productive because there was no one around to distract or bother him.  I can’t agree with this more.

Track what I am eating more consistently

I like to track most fitness related things I do.  Runs, rides, even walking is all tracked via my phone or various devices.  The same is true of what I eat.  I use MyFitnessPal to track what I eat day to day and over the past three months or so I have fallen off the tracking bandwagon.  Primarily because I am weak and have no willpower when it comes to holiday sweets.  In an effort to reign this in, i need to get back to tracking again.  This will help not only my waistline but also my training for the half marathon.

Take more photographs and videos

I love photography.  I love getting a great shot.  I am definitely an amateur, but I really enjoy it as a hobby.  This year as a Christmas gift to myself I got a new camera that is amazing and I love.  So I need to put it to better use and take some more of my free time and use it towards photography.  Perhaps the next item on the list could meld well with this goal.

More backpacking/hiking

This year I only went on I think two hikes the entire year.  This is becoming a really bad trend over the past 3 years.  Both the hikes I did make it on this year were simple day hikes and I didn’t make an overnight backpacking trip at all. I love backpacking and hiking as a whole.  It’s so amazing to see some of these places that really only a fraction of the population ever sees in their lifetime.  It’s great exercise and I can bring my dog Breezy and let her run around like maniac and burn off her nearly endless supply of energy.  Not only that,  but there are some great photos that come out of backpacking trips.

Break into Management

For a few years I have pondered my next career move.  It always seems to end up with me moving into a more managerial role.  I think I would be good at it.  I have managed in a limited fashion in the past during times where we were missing key employees.  I am good at communicating with other groups at work, don’t get combative easily and am pretty well organized.  So I think this is the year I want to make a hard push for this.

I should probably outline steps for this in a little bit more detail to make this goal a little bit more attainable or trackable.  That will take some more thought then I have time to devote to this at the moment.  For now, these are the goals that bubble up to the top.  This will serve as a guide that I can reflect on next year at this time and see how many of my goals I was able cross off the list.  None of these should be impossible in fact most of them should be pretty easily attainable with just a little bit of effort.