A few days ago I took a mental note of a line that I have heard probably 50 times or more over the past year.  I have heard the phrase repeated so many times I never really applied it to anything other then what was being talked about at that moment.  The fact of the matter is the phrase can be applied to anything, and when applied to task management, that phrase means getting things done.

The phrase “Stand up, take a step, repeat” was crafted by motivational fitness speaker Scott Smith.  It’s his mantra in his own life and he attempts to instill that on his listener’s, and very effectively I might add.  Over the course of a year, Scott, his show, and that simple statement have encouraged me to lose 30 lbs.  It’s a very literal statement in the case of Scott’s motivational podcast as he wants people to move and burn calories, however when it comes to projects it takes on a more figurative meaning.

Typically the tasks that pile up are those that are dreaded.  These are often the monotonous tasks that no one wants to work on, and the longer they are put off, the worse they tend to seem.  Newton’s First Law says that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, meaning without some push from you those tasks will remain unfinished.  Use those simple words as a motivational crutch.  “Stand up, take a step, repeat”.  Just get started, get that ball rolling.  Once you have that momentum going it will amaze you how fast you can get that project completed.  Just doing that little bit to get you started means you already have won the battle with your mind, now you just have to keep moving and finish.

Try it next time you find yourself not motivated to get things done.  You may surprise yourself, and what better feeling is there then getting stuff done, especially something that has been on your list for a while.