SXSW ’08

With the Web’s biggest and best Web conference less then a week away, I am actively planning and gearing up to head to Austin, TX for nearly a week.

There are so many panels to pick from, and I am having trouble sifting through them, but I will surely get there.  Although some of my selections are fighting with the times of others I have picked out a couple that I plan on attending for sure, and will post more as I come up with a solid schedule.

Here are a few that I am planning on hitting up:

I am planning on posting up a lot of the knowledge, materials, links, photos, and other things that I can gather while I am at the conference.  I do know however, having attended MIX07 last year, sleep deprivation can become a problem very quickly as there is plenty to do at these events beyond just the learning portion of it.

Parties go into the wee hours of the morning.  I have also nailed down a few of these I would like to check out in addition to some that I have had recommended to me by others.  Sadly for now until I dive in farther, this list outsize’s the panels list.  More parties recommended then panels.  Hmm…

  • Mix at Six
  • 16bit
  • The Great British Booze-up
  • SXNW – South by Northwest

Getting Back into Reading

Maybe getting back into reading is the wrong title as I have never really read all that much, but since I am now an official Seatleite I have been using the public transit system now for about 4 weeks.  My typical commute time is around 40 minutes on the bus system, so that leaves a lot of down time to decompress, and do whatever it is I want to do for 40 minutes.

Sometimes I work on side projects, but without constant Internet connection while I roll through neighborhoods it difficult to really get anything done on that front, so I have turned to reading.  I started with an American classic The Catcher in the Rye.  I own this book and have for a number of years as it was one of my favorite books throughout my time in high-school literature classes.  I think at that time as most people in high-school probably do, I related to the character in the book who at that stage in his life has annoyances with a lot of things, and really doesn’t understand himself, his feelings, or emotions or just life in general.  It was really rather interesting re-reading it now from an adult prospective as I sort of flashed back sometimes to how I felt about things when I was about 10 years younger.

I am now onto The Hanged Man’s Song, and it’s a murder mystery thriller of sorts.  It’s been pretty fast paced so far which is my kind of book although I am hoping to move into some more design, and personal development books once I have caught up on reading some of he ones that have been sitting in my book case for years, but I figure I better get those out of the way first.