It’s certainly not summer, and the Seattle days are looking as gray as ever. However the suns rays are dancing around longer and longer, and the days are getting ever so slightly warmer.

With the Seattle summer comes a flood of people heading outside into the sun that we’ve been deprived of for too long.  The gray days become amazing sky’s of blue that extends to the sparkling water on the horizon, and everyone takes advantage.

So it goes without saying that I have a great amount of trips and activities that will suck up my time and keep me busy and active.  

New Puppy

First and foremost we have a new little puppy named Breezy.  She is a little bundle of joy that flops around and loves to play.  At just over three months old she is highly intelligent being a Border Collie mix which are largely recognized as the most intelligent breed of canine.

She is intended to be my companion.  A runner (eventually) and a hiking companion, she is going to go with me everywhere.  In the meantime she is keeping me busy with potty training and numerous other puppy basics.  

She is highly intelligent and has already learned so much in a week and a half.  It’s an extremely frustrating job at times, but it’s also enormously rewarding when you see her exhibiting the behaviors you are teaching.  She is also helping me in other ways, like being more active and that helps me to drop a few more pounds like I have been intending.

Back Under 200

Back in 2011 I was on the highest point of my weight loss and was down to about 187 lbs at the lowest.  After a bit of a rebound I was back up over 200 lbs again for the better part of a year while I took a break from the hardcore exercise routine.

Over the past month in preparation for the next item on the list I have been watching what I have been eating in conjunction with chasing after a new puppy and have been able to drop about 9 lbs.  Which puts me just under 200 and fulfills my goal of getting there before our trip to Hawaii!

Hawaii Vacation

It’s big trip time!  I wanted to go someplace I hadn’t been before, and I wanted to be bigger than just a trip to Las Vegas or something plain-jane like that.  A friend of mine from the Midwest is stationed in the military there, so a visit was in order.  We will be staying with her for the duration of the trip and have really no set agenda aside from the fact that I would like to see the Arizona memorial, and Pearl Harbor.

So starting next week we will be sunning it up for a week and half almost.  The trip also includes a short visit to San Diego on the way back which allows us a quick dinner and drinks with some friends.

So  excited for this trip!

Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon

Now onto the business end of it.  This year I have signed up once again for the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. I was originally planning to do the whole marathon, however due to the next item on the list I scaled that back just a bit.

This event is a lot of fun and there is so much to look at, bands, exhibits, cheers squads from local high school, random people it kills the time and the pain you may be in from running that far.  Really my only goal here is to finish better than last years time of 02:15:40,  Which was accomplished with very little to no proper training.  

This year I assure you will be different.  The Rock n’ Roll Marathon is on June 22nd, so if you have nothing better to do, come cheer me and all the other runners on.

Seattle To Portland

Business item number two and this years new en-devour is the Seattle to Portland bike ride put on by the Cascade Bicycle Club every year.   This is a 200 mile 2 day ride that obviously starts in Seattle, and ends in Portland.  

This one has me a little bit nervous only because it’s taking me a ltitle bit out of my comfort zone.  That though is a good thing, because that’s when you find out who you are and what your really made of.

Training starts immediately when I get back from Hawaii with a co-worker of mine.  I am excited and nervous to get started.

Shi Shi Beach

This year I am going to go back. I have wanted to for 3 years running since I last went and it just hasn’t worked out.  This year Breezy and I will make the return trip to enjoy the beauty of Shi Shi Beach and the Pacific coast.  

I am not really planning anything major aside from setting up camp on the beach, photography and lots of relaxation as we enjoy the sounds of the waves rolling in, crashing into the rocky outcroppings.  And of course searching the tide pools as the tide recedes.

Columbia River Valley

Finally, I am also actively planning a return trip to the Columbia River valley.  A plush green oasis for hikers with numerous canyons, waterfalls, and fantastic overlooks.  I have been once before for a short stint, however I have a list of places to hit for short day hikes and overnights.

Here again just some relaxation, photography and enjoying nature’s beauty.  

So that’s my summer as it’s already planned many months before it starts.  Excited for a busy summer, and I am sure much more will get thrown in.  

2013 looking to be an awesome year!