The Dream…it’s my most prized web design term that you will see come up rather often in the often mindless ramblings that I spew forth through this blog. “The Dream” to me is a term that is under realized and underrepresented. Not necessarily by Web Professionals but by the pencil pushing, report scrutinizing executives, presidents, managers, your boss.

So what is “The Dream”. Its the same as any other. If you didn’t have to worry about money, bosses, company standards, what your audience thinks, how your business would be affected all things that normally have an enormous impact on what your web site or a client web site might look are now out the window. You have all the time you need to scheme, develop, program, test and manipulate your site until it becomes the site you have always wanted but never had.

For freelancers and Web Design firm owners this is probably already a realization. However those of us stuck in the ruts of having to conform to a company standard, boxed in by what has been done in the past and not what should be done to move forward this is a huge reality. The Dream is merely that. A Dream, a vapor, something that cannot be seen, but you know its there. And the unfortunate reality of it is; is its difficult to clear the way for progressive thinking and great web development when the sometime impenetrable brick wall that is management stands in the way.

The Dream doesn’t only reflect you as a designer, it brings out the best in what you can do on a individual level, and more importantly on a company level if that applies. The Dream keeps the customer happy, they get a web site that you are happy with, more often then not a dream web site is something so special that when you show the customer you get just a simple smile across their face. The kind you normally only see when they are looking at a pile of cash.

But even more then all that “The Dream” for me represents a freedom. A freedom of expression, of design, of love for the project I am working on, and maybe more a respect. A deep driven respect that I can say to my client, this is my work. Not only is it my work, but this is the unrestricted best I can offer you.

The unfortunate truth of the matter though is for some, “The Dream” is unattainable. Not for reasons of skill, or reasons mentioned above. But because of personality. Maybe stuck in the past. Glued to old ways of developing, waiting for someone to show them what “The Dream” is. This is my goal. I don’t have the dream. Its out there, I know it is, but I cannot yet attain it. Do you have it? Has the cloud lifted from off you? If so grasp it, run with it, and don’t look back because you have freedom, you have will over your web development destiny, you have “The Dream”.