As always in technology, hardware gets dated and the software consumes more and more of your hardware’s abilities until it eventually becomes virtually impossible to run the programs you use on a daily basis.

This isn’t quite yet the case for me, however I am looking into picking up a new laptop. I have been keeping an eye out on the laptop market for the better part of 2 years now, watching prices fall and fall over and over again. Mostly watching Dell price it’s laptops so ridiculously low that it almost is safe to say they are sacrificing quality.

I have always been a fan of HP and Compaq’s designs specifically. Their machines always have crisp clean lines and always look good. I have never heard a lot of issues with their machines either, so I focused more and more in this directions.

Let me just say at this point… Apple was never in the running!

My original desktop that I purchased back in 2000, was HP Pavilion Desktop with 533 Mhz Intel Celeron Processor, 60 MB RAM, and a can’t remember if it was an 8 MB, or 32 MB shared video card with a very large for the time 20 GB hard drive. Since then I have moved up into the realm of 1.8 GHz Intel Semperon, I think I am still stuck at 512 MB RAM, a 256 MB video card, and a combined 60 GB hard drive space.

Even though this machine is not bad by today’s standards it’s still dated. Also due to portability issues with my job, and my wife’s schooling we are looking into the laptop world, and the deal I found last week is the best I have ever seen hands down.

Compaq’s V2000Z Series laptop retails for $400 after rebates and such. I have yet to see a laptop go under the $450 – $475 mark, until this. The laptop reaches is max store bought config with a AMD Turion 2.0 GHz processor, 1 GB total RAM. Not a significant step up, but a nice cheap entry into the laptop world, in addition to getting rid of the bulky desk associated with the desktop, the monitor, etc etc etc. Also with the move more then likely back to an apartment in the next several weeks, space is a critical issue.

A Few Upgrades

In order to get the machine to where I want it will require a few upgrades. First will be the RAM. The machine ships at it’s base price with only 256 MB RAM, which I will upgrade to a full 1 GB. I will more then likely purchase the RAM from a online retailer rather then have it built in as the savings will make it worth it. Also will be needing to upgrade the default 40 GB drive, in addition to adding a bluetooth/wireless card, bringing the total price only up to around $550. Not bad if you ask me for a first laptop.