Is anyone else interested in the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon? I am , maybe I am alone. Most people have never heard of it, or maybe have heard of it but have no inkling of what it really is. I was included in the second group.

Alright alright, so what is Web 2.0? Well it really doesn’t have a solid definition. Loosely it means interactive web design in a round about way. For example, before we had Yahoo Photos, Photobucket, etc. These sites didn’t do a lot other then let you upload and maybe organize your photos in groups. Now we have photo sites like Flickr, which has so much more interaction and customizable features then the previously mentioned. More great example, My Yahoo, MySpace, MY MSN Space, are all highly customizable site that allow much user interaction to make their page as personalized as they want. Yet another example is search engines. Remember when Yahoo was the monster and all it did was give you search results. Now there is Google, you can type in peoples names and get addresses, you can have it do complex math, you can have it do conversions of all kinds, it can give you page ranks… Point is Web 2.0 means interactivity, more friendly apps.

The trend is going to continue. Think about it this way. What do most people buy a PC for, aside from maybe games. THE INTERNET. Hands down the answer is the internet. So the internet has went from something that many people could live without to something that some people are willing to buy a piece of equipment worth 400 to access.

The trend is baffling. What is the future? What is going to be involved in Web 3.0? Are we already there and don’t know it? There are really no lines drawn in the sand, it just sort of happens. And you really never know it has happened, until you have looked back. Web 2.0 is really not a technology per say, it’s improved technology, better resources, and an overall better way at looking at the internet.