A little late in posting this, but after crossing a pretty big milestone in week six, week seven should have been back back to the grind as I push towards my overall goal of getting to one hundred and ninety pounds.  However the week started off with my body feeling sluggish and tired.  My girlfriend and I spent the majority of last Saturday on a boat and both of us got pretty burned.  Apparently we aren’t skilled in the art of applying sunscreen.  The burns zapped our energy for the next couple of days as our bodies attempted to repair the damage.  Monday’s cycling commutes were extremely tough.  I didn’t feel like i had any power in my legs at all.  Compare that with Tuesday and it was night and day.   I felt highly energetic on Tuesday and made pretty good time on the way into the office.  In fact I think it was my fourth fastest ride for the three to four mile distance.  I was able to cover some other milestones like hitting 250 kilometers cycling for the month as well as hitting a goal for a particular uphill segment of my commute home that I had set for myself.

I completed the weeks rides on Friday with the intention of doing the Mercer Island loop Saturday morning before I left for a wedding.  I woke up really tired and didn’t really feel like I had the strength to make the ride and so I chose to stay home and prepare for my trip to Eastern WA.  I looked at it as an extended rest weekend which after 7 weeks, my body could probably use.

The wedding was a lot of fun.  Had a great time but drank way too much.  So the hike didn’t happen, as we were both groggy and not wanting to do it.  Not only that but I forgot a whole bunch of gear at home so I wasn’t even prepared to go on it in the first place.

Not a stellar week.

Weigh In

This weeks weigh is up, however I have been really lax at weighing in and tracking food this week.  I do know as of last night I was at 204.  So I would suspect when I weigh in next that should drop a fair amount.

Water and being more accountable with my tracking are my focuses this week.

Let’s Do This Together

If you want to keep up with me, here are a few places I am pretty active. Feel free to friend me up on these sites, I am always looking for more motivation from others and we’ll do this together!