Week four was a small success in that I lost yet more weight, but I think the bigger victory was losing more despite fighting through the soreness from my hike the weekend before which sent my weight up to as much as 207 for a day or two.

After our nearly 8 mile hike that we had done on Saturday, I took both Monday and Tuesday off to try and recover from pretty healthy soreness in the tops and sides of my thigh muscles. By Wednesday most of it had cleared up and I rode in to work and back home the last 3 days of the week. I did also get in a fair amount of walking during the week to try and help supplement the missing rides.

This was also Seattle’s Seafair weekend which includes an airshow, hydro boat races, and many other festivities on Lake Washington which happens to be just blocks from my home. So I hosted a small get together with some old friends and we took in the amazing sights and sounds of the Blue Angels roaring overhead. We also had a few beers and BBQ’d as we took in the afternoon heat. After several beers, pop chips, crackers and my healthier lunch items I decided I better at least offset all the junk I was eating with a workout. So I set off to do the Mercer Island loop.

I had partially done this ride last week when my friend Dan called me for a late evening ride. I had made it perhaps a quarter of the way around that time, and this time I did the whole thing. All in all it was a really great route with much of it having a dedicated lane or shoulder that bikes can use to stay off the roadway. It’s super curvy which keeps it interesting and not far from my home which makes it convenient to get in a fairly quick ride.

Weigh In

More of the same this week with just 1 pound lost. Most of the week I spent fighting through the soreness of the hike from the previous weekend which sent my weight soaring to 207. This seems to be a trend and perhaps I need to slow down a bit on the weekends to avoid this pattern of highs and lows.

I think I have set myself up good for this week since I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary this weekend. I did do the 18 mile ride yesterday but that really shouldn’t be a stretch at this point. I don’t expect any residual soreness from that ride.

I did get my first notice or comment this week from a friend of mine. They noticed they could see the weight loss especially in my face which I can believe. Always nice to get some validation to keep you motivated.

Slow and steady wins the race and I am inching my way there.

Let’s Do This Together

If you want to keep up with me, here are a few places I am pretty active. Feel free to friend me up on these sites, I am always looking for more motivation from others and we’ll do this together!