The week was short, starting on Wednesday but it has been an awesome one. The weather in Seattle has been amazing with temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s and clear skies all week long. I got in a run and a lot of miles on the bike and am still feeling really great energy wise. The scale is moving quickly in the right direction as well, so it’s been really easy to keep with it and keep up a positive attitude to the whole process.

My eating continues to be pretty spot on with no big slip ups so far despite some temptations here or there including some cupcakes the other day at the office. I have increased my water intake a lot which has meant many trips to the bathroom per day, but helps keep my hydrated and full while on a bit of a restricted diet. Given this heat we are having in Seattle it’s pretty important to drink a good amount of water.

Saturday Morning Ride

Saturday we rode 40 miles starting in Issaquah, WA and circling Lake Washington to the North, then returning South into Seattle primarily using the Burke Gilman trail.

The ride was probably longer than I should have bitten off considering the heat and lack of training for that distance, but it was good. With a calculated 4806 (likely wildly inaccurate) calories burned it was worth the effort. I came out of the ride pretty unscathed aside from a little bit of sunburn from the searing 90 degree heat.

Big Loss in Week One

My starting weight last week which started on Wednesday was 210 pounds. At the end of the work week I hit the scales at 205.8 pounds! A loss of 4.2 pounds in only a few days! I don’t expect that to continue nor is that normal. I know this from my previous experience, so I suspect that’s mostly water and the pounds will likely start coming off in increments rather than multiples. Later in the week following my 40 miles cycling my weight was up a bit not only because of recovery but also because of eating some salty food. I expect that to go away over the next couple of days.

For now though, I celebrate the loss and use it to motivate me to keep pushing forward.

Graph showing weight loss for week of July 5th, 2014. Started back in on the 10th.

My girlfriend who is also working on this with me also saw good losses this week. We are feeling really great right now and trying to continue pushing hard to get what we want.

This is feeling really honestly good. I can’t say I have had this much excitement and interest in weight loss and fitness since my original weight loss back in 2007. I am excited to get started on week two!

Let’s Do This Together

If you want to keep up with me, here are a few places I am pretty active. Feel free to friend me up on these sites, I am always looking for more motivation from others and we’ll do this together!