Above you get to see my shining face!  Well perhaps not shining.  I was a little bit tired when I took this picture this morning.  This was me post ride around the Mercer Island loop on Saturday morning sporting my Iowa Hawkeyes gear.  Go Hawks!

Onto the point of this post which is the week six recap.  Week six was a pretty standard week.  I got my rides in, ate pretty well and most importantly continued the loss!  This week again I got in eight rides Monday – Thursday both to and from work, and on Saturday I did the Mercer Island loop yet again to round of the week.  The loop added an additional sixteen and a half miles to get me a total of around 46 miles rode for the week.  Not too shabby.  This morning on the Mercer Island loop I did feel like I pulled or strained a muscle between my hangstring and butt areas, but as the day has progressed I have noticed it less and less so I don’t expect that to be an issue.  All the more reason to take Sunday off.  I will add in some Ibuprofen and hope it works it’s way out by Monday.

Saturday afternoon after my morning ride we did get invited to go boating with some friends.  It was a pretty nice time, and a great day.  I did burn a little bit.  Apparently I am just not good at applying sunscreen.  Even in the easy places like my stomach.  Oh well, the burns weren’t too severe at least.

As I sit here writing this I am up on my rooftop deck enjoying some perfect temperatures and a wonderful breeze.  Grilling up some pork chops and corn for dinner.  As well as grilling some peaches for dessert.  Should be a fantastic evening and wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t go to be a little early after getting sun beaten all afternoon.  I am ok with this.

Weigh In

This weeks weigh in finally got me over the hump and into the 100’s .   So-called one-derland.  Feels good to be back under 200 again.  I made it to an even 199 pounds after my large ride.  So it was a post workout weigh-in so I was probably pretty light on fluids, but I am still counting it.

Photo Aug 16, 9 22 51 AM

So that gets me about halfway to my goal of 190 pounds.  Weight is definitely being more stubborn but it’s certainly coming off when I keep focused.  Things are fitting looser and I am jumping into some clothes that I wasn’t super comfortable in anymore or some that I wasn’t even able to wear six weeks ago.

So I have about six more weeks or so before we head to Europe on vacation.  Think I can hit my goal before we leave?

Weight loss chart for the week of August 10th, 2014

Weight loss chart for the week of August 10th, 2014

Let’s Do This Together

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