After three weeks the results are coming a bit slower, however as of this writing (Saturday) I have once again continued my week over week loss.

Week three everything was pretty good with the exception of a date night to a Brazilian grill. I am sure that didn’t help things, but aside from that my eating was pretty much on target. I got in nine separate rides and a hike that I will be going on pretty much right after writing this. Will likely write up a little recap of that as well tomorrow.

Weather this week was a bit rainy, but luckily it occurred mostly on my off day and a little bit into one morning commute. But I road despite it being soggy and was happy I did. I was expecting to wrap up my week of riding last night and try to get in a hike, or run on the weekend but I got a late night call at 8:00 PM from a friend of mine to go out on an impromptu ride as he is training for multiple triathlons. So we took off and did a quick 13 miles out and back to Mercer Island.

Was a really great route. I am excited to explore the Mercer Island loop a little more. Lots of curves and great terrain that make the ride a lot more interesting than going straight ahead for miles. Here’s our route for the ride.

Weigh In

As I mentioned last week, the weight is starting to come off much more slowly. Seems to be a bit more stubborn at the very least. This morning I dropped a bit more and I am gonna end the week at 203 lbs. Just a small .4 lbs from where I ended last week.

I think lessons from this week is that I need to give myself a little bit more of a deficit if I want to continue losing at the rate I would like to. Most of the week I was eating right up to my calorie allowance or sometimes just over by maybe 30-40 calories. Whereas the previous two weeks I was generally under by 100 – 200 calories each day. This week I think I will make that a goal and see where that gets me.

I think lessons from this week is that I need to give myself a little bit more of a deficit if I want to continue losing at the rate I would like to

Overall it’s more weight lost and that’s the important thing. Just going to make a couple little adjustments along the way.

We are definitely in a routine. It’s easy to hold off cravings for things at this point. I do need to plan ahead a little bit more and have meals ready to go in the evening for dinner. This is when I am really prone to overeating. If I have something ready to be cooked it’s usually not a problem.

No Eating After 7:00 PM

This has been a new rule I have been trying to follow. I have always heard it but over the course of the past few weeks I have been trying to abide by this and it’s generally working with the exception of last night where I needed some more calories after a late ride.

I like this rule of thumb as it prevents snacking and eating out of boredom in the evenings.

Don’t really know what to make for a prediction this week as my goal last week was missed by a fair amount. I guess we’ll see if the plateau continues or if I fight through it!

Let’s Do This Together

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