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Welcome back to those of you who still visit.  It’s been months since I have written here, and that’s due to numerous factors.  Too many to mention here in fact.

You may have noticed that the site has moved, as well as taken on a new design, and although the content has changed too much I  do intend to change that as well.

This revision of the site isn’t without it’s own set of changes though.  First off you might notice that I am saying so long to my domain of 5 years www.designsbyjohnson.com.  A couple years ago I registered kylepauljohnson.com with the intent to use it more as my personal site and portfolio and move away from designsbyjohnson.com which sounded a little bit too much like a business, which I am not.  I was originally looking to start a business under that name but as the site migrated to more of my personal blog the domain no longer made a whole lot of sense.

Additionally I have implemented a CMS (Content Management System) for the site, in addition to the blog tool that I have been running for several iterations now.  the CMS should allow the site to be really flexible and allow me to publish content a lot more quickly and easily.  I am still in the process of marking up all the different types of templates I will need, but it’s all coming together really nicely.

So this is now my journal.  As the my personal blog it’s not going to change much aside from the fact that I will be writing more about fitness in addition to life, web, and other topics.  More posts are coming really soon, and with that said I will wrap this one up.

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