Last week I stumbled across something I wasn’t too sure was possible.   I was working out too hard and as an effect my body wasn’t giving.

One of the things that one of my fitness mentors always is saying is to keep your heart rate at about 75% of your maximum target heart rate.  For me that zone is roughly 135-164 beats per minute based on results from Mayo Clinic’sMayo Clinic’s Target Heart Rate Calculator.

Up until last week I had never really paid much attention to this number, it was just something that Scott continually said and it went in one ear and out the other.  As I continued to work out, I used the Precor’s built in heart rate monitor to see where my heart rate was out of general interest, but never put much stock in the numbers.

Readings coming from the treadmill were indicating my heart rate as being about 180 beats per minute which according to Mayo Clinic’s calculation is very near the limit of what my cardiovascular system could handle.

Tale of the Tape

Until discovering how much stress I was putting my body under I was having a hard time getting weight to drop.  In fact after 2 weeks of good solid work on the treadmill 4-5 days a week and proper eating I hadn’t lost anything.

I made a slight change in intensity of my cardio workout.  Keeping the same amount of time I dipped down the speed just a bit.  Despite the small change in speed I found that I was still burning pretty close to the same amount of calories.  I was able to continue my run/jog for longer amounts of time without the need for breaks.

Since that change I have seen a 3 lb decrease in as little as a week or two.  Just goes to show you the the small things can make all the difference, and who knew that you could workout too hard?

Persist, adapt, achieve!