It’s time again for the year-ender type post which I have done the past 5 years or so.  I am actually beginning to enjoy these more now that I can look back 5 years and see where my life was at that point compared to now.  It’s amazing how much some things can change, and yet others remain pretty solid over time.

2010 was another really rough one in many aspects.  In fact, I would say more so than any other year of my life.  Although I won’t get into the details, life was in general pretty stressful for me this year in pretty much all respects.  Luckily I was able to alleviate most of it with the help of a great family, great friends, and a lot of running miles on the Elliot Bay Trail.

As with the last three years: 2009, 2008 and 2007 I have put together a montage of photos, videos, and music from the year.  Unfortunately this year I didn’t seem to do as much photography as years past, so the pickings were pretty slim.  That being said I feel really good about how it came together.


Lets start with family.  I already referenced this in the opening paragraph, and this is positively the single most powerful things I took away from this year.  Thick and thin, my family has remained solidly there for me.  To talk to, lean on and and lend a hand when needed.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the family that I have.

Another major event this year that lent to my thoughts on family was the passing of my grandfather.  This far through my life I have been pretty lucky to have my entire family still in tact.  I had never experienced a divorce or a death to my immediate family until this year.

My Grandpa Bud Kyle who lived just an hour North of my home town passed away on August 24th.  Although I didn’t see him as often as I should have, I have many great memories of time spent at the campground, on a fishing boat, or around a campfire as we took part in our annual fishing trips to Spirit Lake.  We also had regular events our family shared like 4th of July  and Christmas gatherings.

Although I don’t want to make this a somber posting, my grandpa was certainly someone who I looked up to, admired for his public service, wisdom and love of practical jokes.

Not only does his death put into perspective just how quickly the people we love can be snatched away from us, but also that I need to be better at staying in touch with those who are here.

Rest in peace Grandpa Kyle, you will certainly are missed.

Weight Loss / Fitness

In mid 2007 i made a deal with myself to improve my health and lose all of the weight that I had put on since graduating from high school.  This was a big goal, especially at that time as I had added about 65 lbs. to my frame since high school.

I lost a good 35 lbs. before moving to Seattle but after arriving here my progress stalled out a little.  Even though I stalled out, I maintained my weight pretty well and this year continued my downward trend.  This year I nearly knocked off antoher 20 lbs. and finally hit my original 190 lbs. goal that I set for myself in 2007.

This year a friend of mine Andrew Woods (@awoods) joined me on most runs keeping me motivated, honest and helping me through the monotony of miles and mile of running.  Together we logged well 300 miles over the course of the year.

Even though I have hit my goal, I still am near the top of my Body Mass Index (BMI) and still considered overweight.  I am still going to press forward and get myself down to 180 lbs. and see how I feel at that weight.  I don’t anticipate going much further than that, but you never know.

Bad Habits

A unexpected byproduct (I think) of keeping myself busy with fitness is I believe I was finally successful in kicking my fingernail biting habit.  Not sure why, but this is something I have done since somewhere in high school or maybe even earlier.  I have tried to quit a lot of times but for one reason or another this time it seems to be sticking.  The only thing that really stands out as being different would be my focus on health and fitness and all the running I have been doing.

Either way it’s a great habit to break and finally be rid of!


This year sadly I didn’t make it on any overnight hikes, or hikes in general and I am a little upset with myself over that.  A total of 4 to be exact.  Good news is that Dan and I have already talked about making plans to head back out to the Pacific coast for another hike similar to Shi Shi Beach that we did last year in addition to my brother-in-law moving to the Sacramento area sometime the middle of next year.  I have been talking about doing Tahoe with a friend of mine already in Sacramento, so this would just make it that much easier to do.

Here are slideshows and a brief synopsis of the hikes that I did get done this year.

Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge is an extremely popular just about 20 minutes outside of Seattle that i had still not done.  Dan and I did this early in the year as the elevation isn’t too high where you might encounter snow.  This hike provides some pretty magnificent views from a sheer rock ledge.  in fact the ledge is so abrupt that several people lose their lives each year on this trail as they lose their balance and fall over the ledge.

Lake Serene

Lake Serene was a really cool hike.  A large amount of elevation gain let to a lake still snow covered.  In the distance to the right side of several of the photos, the mountains were beginning to melt slowly and I witnessed multiple avalanches coming down the face of that mountain.

This hike was also an extremely cold one as we weren’t anticipating there still being snow.  On top of that it decided to rain on us as soon as we got to the snow line.

Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls I did by myself, and is a series of lookout points looking at a large 265 ft. waterfall.  There are 3 separate lookout points on this popular trail.

I also found a good amount of crap where I stopped for lunch, and packed it out.  This is a huge no-no for hikers.  You should always follow the leave no trace principles.   The last two photos you can see the large amount of trash left underneath a log.

Norse Peak

Just miles from Mt Rainier, Norse Peak is a takes you through a series of ridge lines that allow you to see some beautiful views of the gorges below.  A long hike along ridgelines, through small pastures and dense trees this hike had about every terrain you could imagine.


This year yet again didn’t include many live concerts which also is really starting to bother me, however I did come across several great new bands that are now among some of my all time favorites.

As with the past 3-4 years, here is a list of this years top listened to albums which includes several of the same suspects as years past, but also brings in a handful of new ones as well.

  1. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
  2. For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver
  3. 3 Rounds and a Sound – Blind Pilot
  4. Shake the Sheets – Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
  5. Blood Bank EP – Bon Iver
  6. Xx – The Xx
  7. Phobia – Breaking Benjamin
  8. Hungry Bird – Clem Snide
  9. Sun Giant EP – Fleet Foxes
  10. Nobile Beast – Andrew Bird

Goals, Predictions and Resolutions

  1. I will run the Seattle Rock and Roll full marathon
  2. I will make more hiking trips this year
  3. Getting my weight down to 175 lbs.