2014 is nearly over and with that comes slews of year in review lists of all kinds.  I have my own as well. Over the past six years or so I have created a montage of photos and videos from all the events and places we travel to throughout the year.  This year is no exception  in fact this years is a little longer than they generally have been in the past due to all the things I had to fit in.  Traveling abroad, my favorite team the Seattle Seahawks winning a Super Bowl, the Super Bowl parade and the celebrations all were a lot of fun.  It also included a lot of traveling, abroad as I mentioned earlier and several domestic trips to visit family and attend some incredibly beautiful weddings.

European Trip

The highlight of the year is easily our trip to Europe in which we bounced around five countries in a matter of about ten days including: England, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, and a simple flight layover in the Netherlands. Although the trip was not a walk in the park as we dealt with ticketing issues during an Air France strike that caused us to get diverted the night before we left.  All in all the trip went pretty flawlessly and we would live to revisit any of these destinations.  Especially Vienna.  We both really loved that city.


Obviously a lot of photography is packed into the Year in Review video, but I also wanted to highlight some of my favorite captures from this year as well apart from the video.  So below is a gallery of images from this year.  You can click on each photo for a larger view.

Late in the year I picked up a new camera, the Nikon D7100.  An upgrade from my first DSLR the Nikon D5100 I should hopefully have even more shots to post next year.  Also I am interested in looking into a steady cam or something similar to help smooth out video shot by my DSLR.

Looking Forward to 2015

2015 is already looking like an exciting year with a handful of pretty big items already on the books.  Among those things are:

  • Travel to the Philippines
  • Seattle To Portland (STP)
  • Ironman 70.3 in Victoria, BC
  • More weddings